Theta Alpha Kappa

The Religious Studies Program at NYU is proud to announce our recent joining with Theta Alpha Kappa, the Religious Studies National Honors Society!


Visit Theta Alpha Kappa for information on by-laws, scholarships and awards, and member information.  

Eligible inductees are those who maintain at least a 3.70 GPA within their major.  Students who are eligible for induction are contacted directly by the Religious Studies Program. 

2017 Inductees:
Gaurika Mehta
Ariana Dimock

2016 Inductees:
Saahil D. Brahmbhatt

2015 Inductees:

Lindsey Okubo
Alejandra Parody
Morgan Mcguire

2014 Inductees:

Conor Almquist
Virginai Boyd
Scott Cohen
Steven Girdler
Samuel Rolfe
Christopher Smith

2013 Inductees:

Katherine Altman-Merino
Charlotte Lait

2012 Inductees:

Ingrid Bengtsson      
Brianna Dimas
Lauren Durling
Ananda Fatmei-Badi
Linday Forbes         
Noey Neumark      
Ashley Noack

2011 Inductees:

Alexa Allen
Christopher Bowman
Simona Caplan
Brighid Greene
Hannah Levin
Jennifer Lishansky
Kelli McGrath
Michelle Pomeroy
Mallika Rao
Nicholas Wolf