Graduate Programs

Director of Graduate Studies:
Professor Adam H. Becker

The Masters Degree in Religious Studies introduces students to some of the primary areas in the contemporary academic study of religion. Our interests include religion and media, secularity and religious pluralism, and the transformation of religious traditions in modernity. After graduating our students typically go on to PhD programs or jobs in a number of fields, including journalism, publishing, education, and non-profit work.

Students take courses in two areas: 1) our MA seminars, which provide rigorous training in social theory and the formal study of religion, and 2) seminars students select in consultation with us in empirical or disciplinary areas covered by the wide range of courses offered across graduate school. The MA thesis (or exam), which is planned with our faculty and those faculty members in relevant fields, allows students to develop some of the ideas and skills they have acquired during their time in residence with us.

Masters Seminars

Our faculty regularly offer the following seminars:

Theories and Methods in the Study of Religion  (instructor changes each year)

Secularism (Becker)

Religion as Media (Zito)

The program also offers seminars in American Religious History as well as other areas depending on student need and program resources.

Concentration in Journalism and Religion

In close coordination with the Carter Journalism Institute the Program in Religious Studies offers an MA in Religious Studies with a concentration in Journalism and Religion. This degree provides education and training for students seeking careers as professional newspaper, magazine, or broadcast journalists with an expertise on religion.   For more information visit the MA in Religious Studies with a Concentration in Journalism and Religion

Please note, we do not have a Ph.D program at this time. If you have any questions about the Religious Studies Master's Program please contact the program administrator of Religious Studies.