Photo of 
                Angela Zito
Associate Professor; Director, Religious Studies Program
Major Interests: Cultural history/historical anthropology; critical theories of religion; religions of China; filaility in China; religion and media; history and anthropology of embodiment; gender; performance and subjectivity; documentary film.

                Photo of 
                Adam H. Becker
Major Interests: Jewish-Christian relations in Late Antiquity; critical theories of religion; Syriac language and literature; reception of classical antiquity; religion in the modern Middle East.

                Photo of 
                Elayne Oliphant
Assistant Professor
Major Interests: Christianity; secularism critical approaches to the study of religion; visual anthropology; public space; France; Europe; contemporary art; museums; capitalism; xenophobia and privilege

                Photo of 
                Annette Yoshiko Reed
Associate Professor
Major Interests: Second Temple Judaism, New Testament and Early Christianity, Jews and Christians in Late Antiquity, Biblical interpretation and parabiblical literature.

                Photo of 
                James  Reich
Faculty Fellow
Major Interests: Religion in South Asia; Hinduism; Buddhism; Sanskrit; theory of religious studies; literature and religion.

                Photo of 
                Ryan Harper
Visiting Assistant Professor
Major Interests: African-American religions, American evangelicalism, Christian history and ethics, theories and methods in the study of religion, and religion in/as American literature.

                Photo of 
                Sarah Emanuel
Adjunct Instructor
Major Interests: New Testament; Christian origins; Second Temple and early Judaism; ancient Jewish-Christian encounters; Hebrew Bible; theory and method; gender and sexuality; biblical narrative; humor; trauma.

                Photo of 
                Laura McTighe
Adjunct Instructor
Major Interests: North American Religions, Race and Religion in the African Diaspora, Black Feminist Geographies, Carceral Studies, AIDS, Migration, Gender and Islam, Social Movements, Comparative Abolitions.

                Photo of 
                Joshua Schwartz
Adjunct Instructor
Major Interests: Jewish Mysticism, Comparative Mysticism, Phenomenology of Religion, Affect Theory, Jewish Theology, Hermeneutics of Experience.

Affiliated Faculty

Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak
Major Interests: History and Theory; Semiotic Anthropology; Material Culture; Media and Communication; Historical Anthropology of the Middle Ages; Medieval France; Medieval Sign Theory; Medieval Diplomatics and Sigillography; Latin and Old French Paleography
Barbara Browning
Associate Professor
Major Interests: Brazil and the African diaspora; dance ethnography; race, gender and postcoloniality; spirit possession and healing.
Hasia R. Diner
Professor; Director, Goldstein-Goren Center for American Jewish History; Director of Undergraduate Studies
Major Interests: American Jewish history, American immigration history and women's history
Daniel E. Fleming
Major Interests: Assyriology; Hebrew Bible interpretation and cultural history; ancient Syria; Emar; ancient religion; interplay of ancient Near Eastern societies
Katherine E. Fleming
Major Interests: Modern Europe, Religion and Nationalism. A specialist on modern Greece, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean.
Michael Gilsenan
Major Interests: Anthropology and sociology of Islam, history and anthropology, narrative theory, anthropology of power and violence, urban studies, cultural representation
Faye Ginsburg
Major Interests: Social anthropology; ethnographic film; ethnography of media; indigenous media; social movements in the United States; Disability.
Ogden Goelet
Clinical Professor
Major Interests: Religion and history of ancient Egyptian culture.
Alex P.  Jassen
Associate Professor
Major Interests: Dead Sea Scrolls, Second Temple Judaism, Hebrew Bible, Rabbinic Judaism, Early Christianity, Biblical Interpretation, History of Law, Religion and Violence
Deborah Kapchan
Major Interests: Narrative, poetics, feminist theory, music, aesthetics, North Africa and the Middle East.
Marion Holmes Katz
Major Interests: Islamic law (shari'a), gender, and ritual
Aisha Khan
Associate Professor
Major Interests: Caribbean, Latin America, race and ethnicity, religion (particularly obeah, Islam, Afro-Atlantic religions), theory and method in diaspora studies, creolization.
Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
Major Interests: Jewish cultural performance, aesthetics of everyday life, tourism, museums, and heritage.
Karen Kupperman
Major Interests: Early modern Atlantic world; American colonization; American Indian history
David Levene
Professor; , Department Chair
Major Interests: Latin prose literature, Roman religion, Roman Republican history
Fred R. Myers
Major Interests: Indigenous people and politics, Aboriginal Australia; exchange theory and material culture; anthropology of art and contemporary artworlds; the production and circulation of culture; in identity and personhood; theories of value and practices of signification.
Avital Ronell
Professor; University Professor of the Humanities
Major Interests: Literary and other discourses; feminist and queer letters; philosophy; technology and media; psychoanalysis; deconstruction; performance art.
Jeffrey L. Rubenstein
Major Interests: Rabbinic stories; Talmud; Jewish law; Jewish liturgy; ethics; Second Temple literature
Sinclair Thomson
Associate Professor
Major Interests: Colonial Latin America; Andean region; peasant and Indian politics; Andean religion; race/ethnicity; historical imagination and political memory; Bolivian history and politics.
Evelyn Birge Vitz
Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies
Peter Wosh
Clinical Professor; Director, Archives/Public History Program
Major Interests: Archival management; Public history; American Christianity; local and community history; institutions and organizations.
Faculty Emeritus